Convenience Store Data Solutions

Why OnPoint?

Developed specifically to help independent and small chain convenience stores be more competitive and drive profits. We provide you with the programs and tools you need to compete against the larger chains.
Our powerful scan data solution allows you to take advantage of the tobacco programs and center-store promotions from the best brands.

OnPoint provides retailers with a comprehensive solution that is not available anywhere else in the marketplace.

We combine the expertise and experience of three trusted partners:

The best convenience store distributors in the country.

Creating retailer programs designed for independents and small chains for 30 years.

Securely managing the WAM retailer data for 15 years.

Scan Programs

Tobacco Incentives

OnPoint helps you enroll in Tobacco Scan Data Incentive Programs (pays you for most tobacco SKUs you sell), Tobacco Multi-Pack Programs (allows you to offer tobacco at cheaper prices), Tobacco Loyalty Programs (provides your customers with additional savings,) and all the new Digital Trade programs (DTP).

These programs help to:

Center-Store Promos

OnPoint is the only scan data solution that provides you with a full calendar of center-store promotions from the best brands.

What's Needed

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