OnPoint Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is scan data?

The term “Scan Data”, as defined by tobacco manufacturers, describes the collection of transaction-level item sales data from participating retailers. The manufacturers in return provide incentive money that is paid to the retailer and discounts to the consumer that are funded by the manufacturer.

2. Which tobacco manufacturers currently offer incentive programs?

Currently Altria, RJ Reynolds and ITG offer scan data programs.

3. How much can I earn?

Altria offers $.12 per carton on all PM and $.02 per can on all USSTC. RJR offers $.15 per carton on Camel, Pall Mall and Newport. ITG offers $.10 per carton on Kool and Winston. Reimbursements are paid out quarterly. Rebate checks are sent directly to retailers quarterly from the tobacco manufacturers. We do not collect any part of retailers’ rebates.

4. What is a multi-pack/can?

Multi pack/can is a discount (i.e. Buy two packs, save $0.50 on Marlboro) offered to the Consumer by participating retailers only.  Retailers can offer discounts only after test scan data files have been approved by the tobacco company. The discount amount and specific SKUs eligible may vary throughout the year, however an offering is available to the retailer every sales cycle. The retailer has the opportunity to “opt-in or opt-out” during certain periods, or run the program all year round.

5. What is a loyalty program?

The loyalty program is an additional incentive offered to the consumer through the participating retailer that requires a customer ID (number specific to each customer) to be collected during the sale. Typically, a customer phone number is input on the point of sale pin pad triggering the additional discount (i.e. Buy two packs of Marlboro and save $1.00). Each tobacco company has specific periods throughout the year that they will allow loyalty discounts to be given. These windows will be different for each product (cigarettes and MST) and will vary across the different tobacco manufacturers. Tobacco sales representatives provide specific discount amounts and dates to run the loyalty programs. Loyalty payments are made monthly.

6. Can the consumer be offered a multi-pack/can and a loyalty discount in the same transaction?

YES! In fact most stores advertise both discounts together (i.e.  Buy two packs of Marlboro, Save $1.50) ($0.50 from multipack, and $1.00 from loyalty)

7. How do the center-store promotions work?

You will receive a quarterly calendar of center-store promotions from the best brands. Point-of-sale signage will be sent out before each event. You will receive the scan allowance as long as you sell products at the required retail. Scan allowances vary by deal. Reimbursements are paid out quarterly.

8. How much does it cost?

$30 per month for tobacco scan data incentive programs (Altria, RJR, and ITG) and multi-pack discounts. $20 per month for tobacco loyalty. $10 per month for center-store promotions. There are no setup fees and you can cancel at any time.

9. Which POS systems are compatible?

Verifone Commander, Ruby2, Ruby CI Topaz, Topaz Commander, Gilbarco Passport, NCR Radiant or NCC Reflection Point of Sale.

10. How long does it take to get setup?

For customers that are new to scan data, the process takes about 2-3 weeks for Altria and 3-4 months for RJR. For customers converting over from another scan data partner, the process takes about 3 weeks for Altria and about 2 weeks for RJR.

11. Will I miss any payments if I convert from another scan data provider?

No! It’s very important that you do not cancel your current scan data contract until this process is completed and OnPoint has a full week of data to submit.

12. Is my data secure and how is it collected?

Yes! Our automated daily process collects data from your POS and transmits the files to our secure server. These files are processed, archived, and sent to IRI (for Altria) and MSA (for RJR).

13. What will my data be used for and where will it go?

Data integrity is one of our core values.  Your data will be used to directly benefit you, it will be secure, and OnPoint will not disclose your confidential store-level information without your consent.Your participation with OnPoint is your consent to provide your data to the companies that participate in the OnPoint Promotions and to your OnPoint distributor.  Your data will also be used to create reports and analytics tools to help you better manage your business. Your data may be used in an anonymized/aggregated format (that does not identify individual stores) for things like identifying opportunities, negotiating better programs and promotions, and to provide you with recommendations to improve sales.

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